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Somaliahub is dedicated to the Somalia Diaspora and the people who are curious about our culture and heritage. The Somali people have been around for a very long time. The gene which we spring of is older than the Egyptian pyramids. The history is rich, and the people are distinct in appearance.

Somaliahub is for the upcoming western generation of boys and girls with Somali born parents. A split identity might occur because the culture at home and the culture of the country we live in will clash and we want to help you survive that culture clash. That’s what inspired us to create this website.

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When younger I was always wondering where all the socially successful Somali people were and after research I found many accomplished individuals but there was nowhere they were celebrated for putting our people on the map. This thought inspired the Somalia Achievers Wall


Here you can find a long list of highly accomplished men and women who contributed to the culture and represented the Somali people.

We hope you enjoy the website and if you want to express your opinion openly you can do so on our forum. Weekly we discuss topics which regard the Somali western community, many touchy topics are discussed here. Be respectful when posting, we do not tolerate any abuse on the website.


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