Ancient Somalia – home of the pharaoh

Did you know the Somali history goes as far back as the ancient Egypt?

Did you know that the pharaoh considers the land now named Somalis as their homeland? They used to call it the ‘land of god’ or the land of Punt. The area is a archaeological treasure you might have not heard of. After reading this you will be all the wiser.

Pharoah home

An ancient civilisation thrived from 2700Bc till 2000Bc. The kingdom was very much respected by their neighbours, the ancient Egypt. Many pharaohs have travelled to the land of punt and some even married with the royalty of the kingdom. The region was known for exporting gold, wild animals, ivory and ebony to ancient kingdoms which are now modern-day India, China and Saudi Arabia.

Pharaoh bloodline

The faces on the hieroglyphs, the DNA found in the old tombs and the language all point into one direction – early ancient Egyptians were from Somalia. It is not a well-known fact, but every Egyptologist or historian would agree on some level. We have a rich history and our bloodline has influenced majority of the north African and mediaterian cultures.

Land of punt

The civil kingdom was known for their tolerance to different religions. In the past there were many different smaller sects of religions and in the land of punt you could openly express yourself if you don’t step on other people’s toes. That is what made it so unique, the tolerance and the respect for others. A country of entrepreneurs with a strong export of natural resources from a fruitful piece of land. You can find the business mentality in modern day Somali people. Unfortunately, the tolerance for other religions has gone down in modern day.

Language of the pharaohs

Another indicator of our great grandfathers being the pharaohs is the language which the used and we still use till the day of today! Here are a few words which you might recognise
Ancient Egyptian/Somali English
Aniga I,= me
AAR = Lion
Hibo = Gift
Usha = Stick, scepter
Habi = River, canal
Hees = Song

And the list goes on.

Now to conclude, Somali history is deep rich and deeply intertwined with one of the most remarkable ancient civilisations that has existed. Our bloodline has been consistent throughout many generations. The land of east Africa has been fruitful and generous to our people.

You have lots to be proud of as you are born to strong background.