life of Siad Barre

Siad Barre was born to pastoral parents circa 1919. In Las Gal, presently known as the Ogaden region. At the time of his birth majority of the Somali country was in control of colonial power such as the British and the Italians. Earlier life People born outside the protectorate were prevented to join the respective […]

The Somali feeling

Have you noticed that feeling when you walk past another person from Somalia? You recognise each other and acknowledge and maybe even say hi. You should see my mother when see comes across another Somali woman, it’s like 2 best friends whom lost each other for years. Even though, it’s the first time they see […]

Somali bloodline & DNA

When studying bloodlines, much is known about the Haplogroup e1b1b. They are a primarily Somalian bloodline and are found at high frequencies in Morocco and Somalia at 80%. Other countries that have this Haplogroup include Ethiopia, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan. Origins and expansion The haplogroup e1b1b is known as being the last direct migration […]

The somali women

Somali women tend to be the most beautiful ladies on this planet. Naturally they will attract attention from men. Somali women aren’t mixed, and they don’t look west African. The differences is in the noses. They have happy faces but with stone made heart and are difficult to understand. When dating Somali Women it’s good […]