Will former Al-shabaab Mukhtar Robbo be president candidate in Somalia?

Abdullah’s is the UN Special Envoy to Somalia Nicholas hasten he reports that the country’s electoral process was marred by the arrest of Mukhtar Robbo.

We asked him the following:

“Were there any reaction from the government to Thursday’s UN Security Council briefing by the recently expelled candidate? and how is this likely to affect UN Somalia relations”

Well to be precise at that speech by Nicholas Hasten and the permanent representative of Somalia to the United Nations. We received a lot of viewership here in Somalia yesterday during that special session on Somalia by the UN Security Council.

Now coming back to your question regarding if there are any statement from the Somali government there hasn’t been any formal statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or either offices that of the president and/or of the prime minister. But from the speech that was read by the permanent representative of Somalia, it seems positive.

Reporting from New York Mr.Osmond said that the only reason as to why the Somali government acted in the way it acted was because of the pressure that the international community has on Somalia. Indicating that team members with violent members who pose a threat to the society who have idea radical ideologies like a former militant commander like Mukhtar Robo cannot vy for an elected post in Somali government.

The response was literally criticising the United Nations for its double standards. One of ensuring that Somali adheres to the rule of law and ensures that people with past violence don’t come to office and on the other end it’s criticising the Somali government for holding a peaceful election. This is a big setback also on the side of the Somali government. The reason as to why candidate Robbo was expelled the UN chief and the UN top diplomats have not clarified till later in the day.

Why UN arrested Mr Robbo

The Somali government is of the view that it’s not against the United Nations it’s part and parcel of the UN, it’s a member state that enjoys the UN’s help. The United Nations or the foreign minister is saying that what they’re against is that the language and the tone in which the special representative of Antonio Guterres here in Somalia is using writing a letter directing it to junior and senior government officials and acting as a de facto leader of Somalia. What the Somali government is against at this stage is not the UN and the Special Representative.

Mogadishu is optimistic that there will be no backlash from the UN because it plays a pivotal role in Somalia in terms of state building, access to democracy, rule of law and return of law and order to Somalia. The country and the UN they need each other because the UN is not willing to risk all the years of efforts it has put in to strengthen the Somali government.

The UNSC was also told the treatment of Raba could impact the decision of potential Al-shabaab defectors is this assessment justified would you say well that has been a key question that has been going around even on social media experts have been arguing that if a the Somali government treated Mukhtar robó in-the-money treated him then want these backfire on the government’s amnesty program for former combatants to turn over to the Somali government.

Is this fair treatment?

but then again at the different opinions here in Mogadishu and across many analysts now one thing to note is that terrible for now is the government’s most prized possession is the most senior algebra commander to ever defect from al-shabaab and also we  have other top commanders including Hudson Diaries and Mohamed Sayed Adam who’s head of the al-shabaab in Puntland and the Korea 30 who was also the head of intelligence for al-shabaab all these individuals are now in the custody of the federal government office Somalia

so it’s not just a case related to Robbo and they’re saying that the way they acted with Robbo is because they want rebel against seeking political ambitions they told him that areas to be cleared fast I removed the international sanctions that are still against him after not then the government can determine his future but until right now Mr robo hasn’t formally in stood in front of cameras and the media to denounce al-shabaab ideology all he said is that he is not a part of al-shabaab anymore

since 2012 and he turned over to the government so in terms of the amnesty program the United Nations plays a pivotal role in this it has funded millions of dollars into these projects to ensure that former combatants are reintegrated and rehabilitated not just in Mogadishu but also in major cities all across Somalia so on the other end of the UN they will not want that program also to fail so we’re also witnessing a series of defection among low-level officials still from al-shabaab in some original state so how the issue of the UN and Somalia will play out the current remains that to be seen but it’s one thing that Somalis are actually a very focused on right now