The Somali feeling

Have you noticed that feeling when you walk past another person from Somalia? You recognise each other and acknowledge and maybe even say hi. You should see my mother when see comes across another Somali woman, it’s like 2 best friends whom lost each other for years. Even though, it’s the first time they see each other!

Somali feeling

What is the Somali feeling?

A strong feeling of belonging within a group that has your back regardless of if they know you personally. Great feeling and can be very helpful in life. Somali people look after each other, especially when in foreign countries. On the homeland itself the Somali feeling doesn’t really exists or is less prevalent.

Seemingly every country has this mutual feeling of rapport when abroad, but the difference is to what extent the stranger is willing to go under the commonality of having parents from the similar country. The new generations which was born in the UK or Canada have this feeling far less than their parents but it’s still there. Somali people look after each other in general.

The beginnings of Dahabshiil

One of the most advents of the Somali feeling is Dahabshiil. Sending money back to Somali through normal banks is not the easiest thing to do. Thanks to the will of the Somali people outside of the country dahabshiil became a thing and they started using it regularly to sent money back home.

In Somali, Dahabshiil is one the main banks and in the rest of the world it is a remittance company who seamlessly sends money all over the world.

All thanks to the Somali feeling.